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PiCode for Swift

PiCode for Swift available now!     

PiCode for Swift is a cutting-edge app for iPad that delivers you a unique opportunity to bring your Swift Code alive. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of Swift and the Raspberry Pi.

Write powerful Swapps (Swift Apps) that interact with the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and control the world around you. Quickly and easily connect to your Raspberry Pi and other compatible devices. Transfer your Swift projects and watch your creations come alive with the click of a button.

Be a part of Swift, the fastest growing coding language in the world and use the amazing features of Swift on your iPad and Raspberry Pi.

*** Compatible with all iPads running iOS 8 and above. Including iPad2, iPad mini2 and all models above. ***

PiCode for Swift is compatible with Swift-Lite a new light-weight system for easy use of swift modules and building of multi-file swift projects. More info at www.swift-lite.org.

INSTALL SWIFT — PiCode includes an easy to use Swift  installer for all Raspberry Pi models and other compatible devices.

CREATE – Create and edit code swiftly and simply. Syntax color highlighting makes it easy to read the code. Code Snippets enables swift and easy reuse of common code sections.

MANAGE – Quickly transfer files between your iPad and your Pi device. Save setup details for multiple devices and quickly test the SSH connection.

RUN – Execute your code on your device without the need to type any terminal commands. Simply select the file and press the Run button.

LEARN – Use the Reference and Tutorial section to learn about Swift with step by step sample projects.

SHARE – Share your projects with friends with Air Drop, Dropbox and others. Optional Pi makes it painless to share code, so that it can be used where it’s needed.

** Compatible Devices include:- Raspberry Pi ( all versions ), C.H.I.P (Chip the $9 computer), Orange Pi, Banana Pi and most other linux debian based devices running SSH service. **

Swift is now “Open Source” and is available for Linux x86 and is being ported to ARM systems.
More info at swift.org where you can download swift for OSX and Linux Ubuntu systems.