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Install Swift on Arm!

Swift is an exciting new Open Source coding language developed by Apple.

Swift-Arm is all about getting Swift onto arm devices. This can be anything from a Raspberry Pi and IOT devices, to high performance cloud servers such as AWS and Equinix Metal.

Featured this month

Kitura on Arm
Kitura Cli App Now Available For Arm
January 29, 2021
1 min
Raspberry Pi
Swift Development on the Raspberry Pi4
January 18, 2021
1 min
Apple Silicon M1
January 17, 2021
1 min

Swift on Apple M1!

Swift-Arm is excited to announce that, thanks to MacStadium, we can now test Swift on Arm using the new M1 Mac Mini.

AppleView More
Powered by MacStadium
February 27, 2021
1 min
Swift 5.3.2 Release Now Available
January 12, 2021
1 min
Install Swift on an AWS Cloud Server
January 15, 2021
1 min

Swift in an Arm Cloud.

"How to install Swift on an AWS arm cloud server in only a few minutes."

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