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Swift 4.1.2 Updated For RaspberryPi 2/3

Swift 4.1.2 updates are now available for Ubuntu 16.04 and Raspbian Stretch on the RaspberryPi3 and RaspberryPi2. Please Note: Uninstall Swift before trying to install a new version. Add repo curl -s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/swift-arm/debian/script.deb.sh | sudo bash Install Swift for Ubuntu 16.04 sudo apt-get install swift-4.1-RPi23-Ubuntu1604 Install Swift for Raspbian Stretch sudo apt-get install swift-4.1-RPi23-RaspbianStretch

Swift 4.1 for RaspberryPi

Swift 4.1 is now available for install and testing on the RaspberryPi3 and RaspberryPi2 running Raspbian Stretch. Add repo curl -s https://packagecloud.io/install/repositories/swift-arm/test/script.deb.sh | sudo bash Install Swift sudo apt-get install swift4-raspi-test

Hello Swift-Arm World!

Welcome to Swift-Arm. Swift is an exciting new coding language developed by Apple and is now Open Source and available for many different platforms. Swift-Arm is all about getting Swift onto small arm devices. The most well known is the Raspberry Pi but there are also many other small linux based devices such as the […]

PiCode for Swift

PiCode for Swift available now!      PiCode for Swift is a cutting-edge app for iPad that delivers you a unique opportunity to bring your Swift Code alive. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of Swift and the Raspberry Pi. Write powerful Swapps (Swift Apps) that interact with the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and control the world around […]